Author: Robert Alan King

The Doctrine of Free Grace

“Free Grace” is a contemporary doctrine that claims salvation comes from simply a “change of mind” about Jesus. Proponents falsely argue that the Greek word for “repentance” does not mean anything other than this. They further erroneously assert that a true believer can fall away into a state of disbelief in Jesus, but will still be saved . Free Grace and the Bible The definitions of belief and repentance among the proponents of Free Grace have nothing to do with the definition of such in the Bible. For example, Jesus clarified the meaning of repentance when he said: Those...

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Deathbed Embodiment and the New Body

It is important to understand that through Christ, God will raise us all again from the dead. Unfortunately, some are teaching that we are immediately given a new body from God at the moment of death. They assert that our old body undergoes eventual decay, never to rise again. I have labeled this false teaching as “Deathbed Embodiment” since I have been unable to find an official title already in use. To further complicate this teaching, they often insist that we are all resurrected at the same time since they hold to the view that God dwells outside of...

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My Sun (fiction)

I am posting this fiction story about the close relationship between a sister and brother and how they are affected by their parents fighting because of the problems in marriage, but it was not written by me. The writer prefers to stay anonymous. I sit in my puddle. The puddle isn’t deep, barely an inch. Underneath it is the concrete of my driveway. My puddle is not even very big. Yet, it still is able to completely soak through my purple ruffled skirt. I’ve had a terrible day and now my best skirt is wet. But I’m happy. I’m...

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Women Clergy: Disobedience to God’s Command

The rise of women clergy and female participation in church leadership has gained much ground in the last hundred years or so, especially in recent decades. The issue at hand here is whether or not this is okay with God. I know that what I am teaching here on women clergy will not be accepted well with some, and that’s okay. I’m here to please God and he is the one I will have to answer to. Contrary to the position of some, the Bible is very clear on this issue and the only way anybody can read something...

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Homosexuality and the Bible

With the current focus on homosexuality and its impact on society, culture and religion, it is crucial that we as Christians examine this issue in some depth. What does the Bible say about it? Is it sin? Or is it just a misunderstood factor in human sexuality that requires a change in how we look at it now that we understand it better? Does one develop into a homosexual based on external events or is one born a homosexual? Should Christians be tolerant of homosexual marriage and homosexual clergy? I hope to answer all these questions with the grace...

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Bible Verse of the Day

You shall be holy to me, for I the Lord am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine.

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