Author: Robert Alan King

Macroevolution, Fact or Fiction?

Is the evolution of mankind from lower life forms fact or fiction?  And what bearing does it have on the Bible anyhow?  The answer to both these questions is of crucial importance to Christians.  It is first important to clearly define my use of the terms species, speciation, macroevolution and microevolution so we are clear on all points of this discussion.  Here are my definitions below: species – a separate, distinct group of living organisms that can interbreed within their group and produce offspring also capable of producing offspring, but are unable to produce the same results with any...

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The Burning Bush: Standing on Holy Ground

God appeared to Moses in the burning bush while he was tending the flock of his father-in-law in the wilderness of Midian. He spoke to Moses from the midst of a bush that was burning with fire–a fire that did not consume it. It was there that God revealed His great name to Moses and then sent him to deliver the nation of Israel from the bondage of Egypt. Cursed is the Ground In order to discover the deep significance of this miraculous encounter between God and Moses at the burning bush, and its application to us today, we...

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That Christ May be All

Though I had been aware of many self-centered movements within Christianity, it was while attending a Passover celebration at a major hotel with hundreds of other Christians that I was first confronted with the problem in person. Having arrived early, I found a seat outside the ballroom and began talking with a conservatively-dressed lady in her late forties. Our conversation focused on a variety of Christian topics before we began discussing what it means to be living in Jesus Christ. “It’s about time that someone started telling us about the health and wealth that we’re supposed to have in...

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The Culmination of the First Miracle of Jesus

The Holy Spirit makes a distinct effort through the Apostle John to record the details of the first miracle of Jesus Christ when He transformed water into wine. Though one of the immediate results of this miraculous feat was that the disciples of Jesus believed on Him, it has also brought encouragement and hope to those of us who follow Him today. Since this was the first direct manifestation of the Lord’s miraculous power on the earth, it is crucial that we examine the details as given to us by God in order to understand what it means to...

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The Way: Jesus Saves as the Only Path to God

The revelation of God through the Bible declares that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Only Jesus saves. Yet, I have often conversed with others who insist that there must be other ways to God as well. “There are many roads to Rome,” is the infamous declaration. “What about all those who have never heard about Jesus?” others argue. How are we as Christians to withstand this onslaught from unbelievers and rationally explain that, contrary to their arguments, there is but one way to God, which is through Jesus Christ? It is only when we can clearly...

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Bible Verse of the Day

You shall be holy to me, for I the Lord am holy and have separated you from the peoples, that you should be mine.

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